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Why Plant Botanic Conservation Is Imperative

Plant conservation is important as they are the backbone of life. Today, Tree Shrub Palm Bamboo Fern Cycad Succulent climber Herb Aquatic Orchid and forests are under threat across the globe as people need more land for commercial use. The number of plants that are under the threat of extinction is growing day by day and the figure stands at around 100,000 plants. Extinction of different plant species will greatly affect the entire ecosystem as there are animals that will lose and shelter. It, therefore, means that anything that threatens the existence of different plant species should be considered a global threat. Plant protection agencies and bodies have been established and a lot of money invested to protect different plant species from extinction. Besides, different laws and policies are in place that helps in plant botanic conservation. Read on to learn why plants species should be protected from extinction.

Plants processes such as photosynthesis are important in air cleaning as it takes in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. Human beings and animals need oxygen for the proper functioning of body organs and that makes plant conservation and important thing. A large forest cover will ensure that the supply of oxygen is maintained at life-sustaining levels hence protection of the entire ecosystem. Plant produce food using sunlight and that makes them primary producers in the food chain. It, therefore, means that if you remove plants, there will be no primary producers in the food chain. Since humans are part of the living organisms that rely on plants as primary producers, plant conservation is important.

Soil erosion is a big threat and humans employ different methods to stop different types of soil erosion. Plants are helpful when it comes to preventing soil erosion. Plant conservation is encouraged as a way of avoiding some of the effects of soil erosion such as loss of fertility. Plants are a source of raw materials to many industries such as construction, clothing, and food. Pharmaceutical companies rely on different species of plants to manufacture drugs. To boost drug research industry, plant conservation is imperative.

No doubt, plant species are threatened by different natural and human activities. Today, the rate of logging has reached unsustainable levels putting timber plants under threat of extinction. Climate change is the other thing that affects the existence of different plant species and this is evident from the forest fires. Humans have the mandate to ensure that Tree Shrub Palm Bamboo Fern Cycad Succulent climber Herb Aquatic Orchid are safeguarded by enacting the right policies and laws. Botanic gardens have proved to be an effective method of safeguarding plant species. For a sustainable ecosystem, plant conservation should be given priority to ensure that no plant species does not become extinct. See page for more detailed information on this topic:

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